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          CopyRight ? 2019 上海頂尖國際物流有限公司 all rights rerserved   滬ICP備19006924號   網站建設:中企動力上海



          OBC Case Study:
          Commodity: PURCH F1 *SHEET
          Pieces : 4
          GW.: 120kgs
          Route: Wuxi- PVG-ORD
          Door to Door : about 19.25 hours
          TMS Tracking System
          [03:20] [14-Oct-2018] Request in
          [03:35] [14-Oct-2018] Offering rates as well as solutions
          [03:44] [14-Oct-2018] Job Confirmed
          [08:30] [14-Oct-2018] Contact Shipper and arrange the dedicated pick up 
          [10:32] [14-Oct-2018] Cargo ready and heading for PVG
          [12:44] [14-Oct-2018] Cargo arrived at PVG
          [15:05] [14-Oct-2018] Courier check in
          [16:45] [14-Oct-2018] Courier on board
          [17:00] [14-Oct-2018] UA 836 flight out as scheduled
          [16:25] [14-Oct-2018] UA 836 arrive at ORD
          [17:15] [14-Oct-2018] Courier pass the immigration gate and declared
          [17:45] [14-Oct-2018] Courier hand over the cargo to Mr Ham
          [17:56] [14-Oct-2018] Driver on the way to the consignee
          [19:06] [14-Oct-2018] POD
          JOB DONE !

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